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Choosing the Right Contractor – What you need to know

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Choosing the Right Contractor – What you need to know



It is very important to choose the right contractor to build your home, as there have been instances of projects being delayed and abandoned due to the sloppiness of builders.  Choose vigilantly or you can end up wasting a lot of your time and money. If you want your dream home to be constructed the way you want on time, do your research and get all the details you require to find the best contractor in Kannur.

Following is a checklist of questions to assist you in the decision making process.

How long have they been in the constructing business? 
First, you should list out experienced contractors in your area with a good reputation.  Find out how long they have been there in the construction business and the projects they have undertaken. You can ask for recommendations from your friends or go online to check their projects. Some builders will have decades of experience, while others may have just entered the industry. Go for builders with over 7 years of experience and with a proven record of work ethics and happy clients.

Are they licensed and registered? 
Don’t hire a contractor who doesn’t have a license. A registered company is dependable and you can rely on them without any worries. There are several projects that took off perfectly but got stuck in litigation, and you don’t want your dream home to be among them. So, be extra careful and clear these things beforehand.

How many clients have they served? 
The number of projects completed by a builder is an important factor to be considered. Check the clients they have worked with and the projects completed. You can find customer reviews on the website and read their experiences with the contractor. Also, check the ratings and reviews on their Facebook page and other social media profiles to get more information about the company and their work.  Ask the contractor about their latest project and their best work.

Some of the contractors will be willing to share client references. Client references are best to understand the work quality of the contractor. Note that an honest contractor will have no problem to provide references from their latest clients.

Will the contractor provide a quote and timeline? 
A quote and an approximate timeline for project completion can help you determine if he is suitable for your project.  You can even compare the quotes with other contractors before selecting an affordable company.  A good contractor will provide a schedule of the project, so you can plan things accordingly.

Are they flexible? 
A reliable contractor takes the stress from you. Find out if they are honest and flexible so that you can work with them throughout the construction phase without any problems. If you have specific questions in mind regarding their work, be open and discuss.

What are their areas of expertise? 
Some builders are focused primarily on constructing homes, while others take up larger projects like construction of hospitals, hotels, and complexes apart from homes. By understanding their skills, work ethics and vision you can trust them with your projects. A good look at the company’s portfolio is very important.

What are the other services they provide?
There are contractors in Kannur who provide additional services such as 3D model, interior design, and decoration. When you hire a contractor providing services like these you can get different work done by one company. This helps you save a lot of time and effort. You can also end up getting work done at reduced cost.

In Kannur, there are several builders but choose a contractor that can meet your expectations well. With our extensive experience in construction spanning over 48 years, we understand every project is unique and we are committed to delivering nothing less than perfection.

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