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How to design living rooms for Indian home

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How to design living rooms for Indian home

A living room is an area where your family gathers around for evening tea and conversations, a space to entertain guests and space for all the family members to relax and unwind. Therefore, this space needs to be impeccably designed.  For Indian homes, the living room is of great significance and it needs to combine functional design and aesthetic aspects. For those who are looking to bring a touch of culture and Indian style to their living space, here are a few tips.

Wooden Furniture

Indian homes rely on wood for building and decorating home. From wooden furniture, floorings to decoration, wood has become an inevitable construction material for most of the builders. The best way to bring the warmth and elegance of wood to your living room is through furniture.  Without a doubt, wooden furniture helps create Indian-inspired living room. While picking furniture or making them make sure to go for the same tone of wood. The best thing about wooden furniture is that you can create stunning patterns and intricate details. 

You can go for beautiful side tables, signature chairs, coffee table or carved wooden decor pieces. The possibilities of bringing the elegance of wood to your living space are endless. 

Vibrant colours

If you look for Indian homes on magazines or online you will notice one thing shared by all the homes, vibrancy and colour. This is perhaps the fascinating quality of an Indian design. Elements like vibrant rugs, colourful paintings, wall paint and décor with elaborate patterns add to the charm of the living room. Choose bright wall paints and wallpapers for your living room that best articulates the Indian style and vibrancy. When you play with a lot of colours be careful as you might overdo and fail to achieve the desired result. Experienced interior designers in Kannur can help you with professional guidance and tips. You can convey your specific requirements to them and they will do all the designing and decoration.

Get the balance right.

When it comes to decorating your living room, you will be swamped with a lot of ideas and designs you come across. Let those ideas not interfere with your own personal style and preferences. It is your living space and therefore, make it personal and get all the ingredients right to make it comfy and stylish. For instance if you are going with a bright wall paint and décor, get a neutral colored sofa to balance it all. 

Add a touch of Kerala

Bring the essence of Kerala homes to your living room by incorporating ethnic characteristics and details. Use traditional weaves and fabrics of Kerala for curtains and cushions, add nilavilakku or lamps, the quintessential piece of Kerala home décor, coir products or other décor items. Create an informal and casual space by bringing plants to your indoor space. If you plan it well, you can create a space that exemplifies Indian and Kerala design styles.

Mix and Match

Indian patterns are unique and interesting, and while mixing them you get a remarkable output. Take the risk to mix and match accessories, furniture, décor because the end-result will be exceptional. You can combine diverse patterns for your cushions, lamps or rugs and unify them through their unique patterns or contrasting colours.

Make space for everything

Choose a perfect spot for your TV, music/game station and other consoles you want to set-up in your living room. Arrange the furniture properly and make space for any new additions you would purchase in the near future. Lightings of the room should be planned and placed correctly so that even at night you can comfortably enjoy things in the living room. You will be amazed by the chandelier, lamps, and lightings designed exclusively for Indian homes. 

Just look around and you will get a ton of inspiration for your living room. However, the whole process of designing or redesigning your living room can be overwhelming at times. It is better to have a team take care of all the important aspects of interior design so you can relax and see how your living room transforms into a coveted space.

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