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How to own Low-Cost House In Kerala

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How to own Low-Cost House In Kerala

We have been building homes and properties for over a few decades and we have never been approached by anyone for a project without price constraints. Over the years we have constructed dream homes and buildings on tight budgets and time, and we have compiled a list of things that will help you build an affordable home.

Buy a land with a friend or family member

Buying a land in a good location can be expensive, especially when the building site is larger than you really want. In most cases, the landowners will not sell you a part of the land. Don’t let the great opportunity slip find someone you can share the cost with. There will be someone among your friends and family, who would be willing to invest with you. If you are lucky enough you will own a good building site within your budget and have your friend/family as your neighbor.  

Design of Home

The design of the home determines the overall building cost of it to a large extent. The rates for houses of the same square footage defer due to its varying designs and dimensions. Usually, square-shaped homes are more affordable to build than rectangular-shaped homes. So, if you need to save some money, be realistic about the size of the house.

Identify and list the prices of items

Identifying and listing the prices every item used for constructing the house is a great way to cut the costs. It is also the first step to affordability.  Also, make sure you understand the building plan and construction phases of your home. A good contractor will guide you throughout the process.  

Purchase low-maintenance building materials

Using sustainable architecture and low-cost housing technology, you can construct your dream house at low cost. We have come up with modern home designs and affordable construction techniques to match your tight budgets. 

Another way to cut cost is to use salvaged materials from the demolition site.  Used stones and bricks, wooden panels and wood doors/windows could be used. Check the condition and quality of the materials with the building owners before purchasing them.  

Spend wisely

Splurge on those things that really matter like the structural components of the building, the door, window, bathroom fixtures and the electrical works.  Consider spending money on things that are meant for the long run. When it comes to choosing the floorings and wall paint, make a wise choice. At times appearance might be deceiving and the quality poor so make the right choice.

Monitor additional construction costs

It is necessary to keep track of the additional costs whether it is decorative details or structural elements. A good contractor should do a detailed cost analysis beforehand, so you can be ready with the finance required at each stage.

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