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Redesigning your kitchen? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

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Redesigning your kitchen? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Before transforming your kitchen into space you’ve always coveted, you should keep in mind a few things and seek expert advice from professionals in the industry. A kitchen remodel is a big deal and if not planned well it will be like throwing money in the drain. So ahead of the remodel, spend time gathering related information, ideas, samples and quotation from contractors. Evaluate your budget, understand your exact requirements and think through the space you are going to work with. Smart planning and careful thinking can go a long way when it comes to saving money.

Calculate the costs. 
Even before visiting kitchen remodelling stores or hiring an interior design you should analyse the costs, budget the additional expenses and decide on how much you are ready to spend on kitchen accessories and cabinets. With good planning, you can stretch your kitchen remodelling budget and accommodate additional items, and make a worthwhile investment in a beautiful and functional kitchen. Here a few points to help you make smart decisions.

  • Research and get ideas on how you want your new kitchen to be and the preferable additions in the form of cabinets, flooring, kitchen appliances, lightings, plumbing and faucets.
  • Discuss your requirements with an interior designer in your locality and get professional help in the beginning stage itself. At KMG builders we provide budget-friendly interior design solutions and you can benefit from our years of expertise.
  • Investing in a good kitchen can increase your home value and therefore you should understand how much your new kitchen would add to the value of the entire home. Here, the advice of a realtor will be helpful and you can decide your budget for the remodel.
  • Find out affordable suppliers and contractors in your neighbourhood who can help you remodel kitchen on a budget. You can also read articles online on how to save money on kitchen projects.
  • Look for DIY projects so that you can do some work by yourself.

Understand your requirements 
When it comes to remodelling a part of your home, especially the kitchen you should consider the space limitations and how it will affect the style of the entire house. If you are not looking to extend the space or make major changes to the layout, you need not unnecessarily knock down walls. Sometimes good cabinets can give the functionality you are looking for. Understand your requirements before making any costly decisions.

  • In case you want to rip the walls and floorings for better plumbing and groundwork, you need to consult professionals and find out cost-effective alternatives.
  • Decide between space and functionality.
  • Study the space to make additional storerooms, laundry rooms or bathrooms to serve your purpose. If necessary adjoin the existing rooms and merge to create a spacious kitchen.
  • Incorporate professional ideas to make your kitchen brighter, spacious and practical. If there is a need for a new ceiling, windows and floorings have them laid out in your remodel sketches.
  • Maintaining the existing layout and making changes within that can save a lot of money. The layout can be kept the same, while new cabinets are introduced to convenient locations in the kitchen.

Invest on the right things

If your kitchen doesn’t require major work in plumbing, electric, sewage and flooring avoid spending money on that. Invest in things that really need to be replaced or repaired. Good kitchen appliances are very essential to make your life easy and convenient, and remodelling is the right time to invest in new ones. This allows you to plan and make the space for additional sinks, bigger refrigerator or dishwasher in your kitchen. New wiring and switchboard for appliances, lights and faucets can be installed while remodelling.

Make provisions for light

If your kitchen is outdated, you will obviously need provision for new lights, ventilation and natural lighting. As far as the remodel project is considered, making provisions for lighting is very important. Old kitchens usually have one or two ceiling lights and tiny windows, and brightening up the kitchen becomes very necessary.

  • Invest in new windows and doors that allow more natural light. This makes your kitchen airy and bright and they eliminate the need for lights during the daytime.
  • For effective lighting solution go for affordable and energy efficient lights like Led.

Also, bear in mind the dos and don’ts during your kitchen remodel.

  • Do a lot of research and incorporate the latest technological trends and improvements
  • Compare the products and services by different companies
  • Don’t overspend on luxury appliances and expensive countertops
  • Don’t move the plumbing and water connected elements from where they are
  • Don’t go for different styles and mismatch appliances. Be consistent when it comes to style.
  • Don’t go for too many wall paint colours, stick to a colour scheme that goes with the entire paint colour of the house
  • Hire experienced interior designer and contractor to help you with your kitchen improvement.
  • Don’t forget to budget for additional repairs. Repair works can be very costly but are often ignored. Take into account the areas and elements that needs to be repaired and set aside an amount for buying accessories, supplies and hiring workers.
  • Repurpose old cabinets and furniture. Just because you are remodelling your kitchen it doesn’t mean you can’t use the good cabinets and items in the kitchen. When you repurpose, these cabinets and shelves can become valuable additions in your kitchen.
  • Do retain the aesthetics and design of the kitchen to match the overall style of your home

Finally, make sure the interior designer involves you in the decision-making process and considers your ideas. Before making any major purchases, there should be a discussion between you and the contractor. After all, it is your kitchen and you should be able to transform it to your likes and needs.

Embarking on a kitchen remodel is both exciting and overwhelming. Hope these tips will make the project a little less nerve-wracking. Happy Kitchen Remodelling!!

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