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5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Building Contractor

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5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Building Contractor

When you want to build a house according to your specific preferences, you need to hire a building contractor. There are dozens of building contractors in Kannur, so how do you select the best person for the job? Well, it’s best you do some research: look online, and ask friends, family colleagues and so on – whoever has hired a contractor recently, and ask their opinions about their work. Make a shortlist of say 3 to 5 people, and then, meet them for an informal interview. Here are 5 of the most important questions you need to ask your potential contractors


  • How much experience do you have?


It’s always good to know how long they have been in the construction field; with experience, comes expertise and efficiency. A newcomer may not yet have established their name as a reliable builder who can complete the project within the specified budget and time constraints. You don’t want to be an experiment! While the most experienced need not be the best, a certain amount of experience certainly helps. Go with experience.


  • Who will be present at the site on a daily basis?


While this may sound strange to you, keep in mind that some contractors often give sub-contracts to others to either finish the work quickly, or because they lack the resources or manpower at the time. Get an assurance from your contractor that that will not happen; find out how involved your contractor will be in the project? Will they visit daily? Do they have a supervisor or foreman who will see that work is progressing as per schedule? Get answers to all these questions.


  • What is your payment and construction schedule?


This is something you need to know upfront from your builder in Kannur; make sure you have everything in writing after you negotiate terms that are agreeable to both of you. They may require certain amount in advance; ask how much you will be needed to pay at each stage – foundation, bricking, concreting, and so on. You also need to get a timeline of when each stage will be completed – again, have it in writing so there’s no confusion later. Delays always lead to expenses going out of budget, as material and labour costs are bound to increase with time.


  • What are the materials you will use?


Make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth; get an assurance regarding the quality of raw materials being used, especially steel bars, cement, putty , paint, and so on. You can forego fancy fittings, but ensure the basic materials used are of premium quality so that you have a solid, durable structure.


  • Where will you store your equipment, and how will you clean up?


Any contractor worth his salt will make sure that at the end of the day, the tools and equipment is stored properly and securely, and not just strewn about. They will instruct their workers to clean up and chuck out any debris, empty sacks and plastic packaging and keep the site clean, uncluttered and safe. Get an assurance from your contractor that the site will be always cleaned up at the end of the day.

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