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An Apartment or a House, What’s better?

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An Apartment or a House, What’s better?

When you are buying a property, sometimes it can be difficult to decide if an apartment or a house is a better choice.  There are people who prefer living in an apartment and there are others who love living in an independent house. It depends on personal preferences, and several different factors such as maintenance cost, location of the property and security.

So what’s better Apartment or a house? Actually, there’s no possible correct answer. Before making the big move, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself first.

Apartment or an independent house, how much can you really afford?

As you know a lot of money is involved in the buying process. You should not only consider the money you shell out for purchasing the property initially but also its maintenance cost. Constructing or buying an independent house is much costlier than purchasing an apartment. However, when you consider the monthly recurring maintenance and management cost it is better to go for the individual house.

Is the property you wish to buy on a favourable location?

Location is another important aspect that influences your buying decision. Consider the proximity of the property to places such as schools, hospitals, railway/bus station and offices. Apartments are usually located in prime locations, while houses located in the city tend to be very expensive. It is a choice you have to make, whether you want a city or suburban life for you and your family.

Can you make modifications to the apartment or house?

When you spend a lot of money on a property, you would want the freedom and practicality to modify the space to suit your individual style and needs. A house can be easily customized, while there are certain space restrictions when it comes to modifying apartments. There is no easy way to extend a flat unless you purchase an adjacent flat which you can join additional rooms and living area.

Does the property have future resale potential?

This is a question of high importance. Most home buyers forget to evaluate the future potential of the property and only see the immediate value. Based on the location and demographics of the area the price of the location can go high or drop in the future. Make sure the property you buy gives you the best return when you sell in the future. You can also easily rent the property if it is on a good location.

To help you make the right buying decision we have briefed the advantages and disadvantages of living in an apartment and house. 

The pros and cons of apartment living
Customisation: For big families apartment living could be little difficult considering the limited space it offers unlike an independent house. Limited space is perhaps the biggest disadvantage when it comes to apartments. With a good interior designer in Kannur you will be able to use the available space effectively. There are clever interior tips that can make small spaces appear large and functional. Learn how our designers can help. http://kmgdevelopers.com/contact-us/

Social Life: The best part of living in an apartment is that you are surrounded by neighbours and your kids can play with other children in a safe environment. If you are a family who values personal space and peaceful surroundings, apartment living may not be the ideal choice for you. By maintaining a good relationship with your neighbors, you can enjoy a social life at the comfort of your home.

Security: When it comes to security, apartments are a lot better than individual houses. Not all independent house owners can afford to hire a security and install home security features. Most of the apartment buildings have security guards and they adopt security features like locked front gates and doors.

Pet- friendly: Not all apartments are pet-friendly. Also, when you have pets in apartments you will find it difficult to take them for walks. Also, you won’t be able to provide a space for them to play and roam around. Small pets like birds, fish or cats can be kept and managed in apartments. 

The pros and cons of living in an independent house.

Outdoor space: For those who want to throw parties and enjoy outdoor spaces, a house is a better option. You can have a garden and use the outdoor area to entertain guests and throw parties. Besides, there will be enough and more space for your pets to run around and play. Regular maintenance of outdoor space is however required.

Additional space:  A house with additional rooms and space require constant cleaning and maintenance. On the positive side, you can invite guests without worrying about space limitations and live comfortably in rooms with good air circulation. 

Parking lot: When you purchase a house, a parking space or garage comes with it. Especially when you have additional space, you can accommodate two or more vehicles easily.  You need not search for parking spaces like in apartment parking slots.  

Privacy: It goes without saying that one will enjoy more privacy in a house than in an apartment. You can have people come in and go without curious eyes spying on them. For a private person, apartment living can be very difficult. People won’t interfere in your private matters much. 

Ultimately your buying decision should be influenced mostly by your lifestyle and personal preferences. Whether you are looking to customize an apartment or build a house, we can help you realize your dream. Get in touch with us 9895 151 440.

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