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Best ways to bring natural light into your home

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Best ways to bring natural light into your home

Natural light makes a room brighter and spacious. Nowadays, people consider natural light as one of the important features while buying a home. With the rise of apartments and homes with a less front area, bringing natural light to indoors becomes necessary. There are several easy ways you can flood your home with natural light. Here are a few tips.

Paint your walls white – The main advantage of using white or light colored paint instead of dark paints/wallpapers is that the room instantly brightens up. Shades of white reflect the sunlight entering the room. To make a room appear big, paint the ceiling a shade lighter than the walls. For even better reflection of light, go for satin finish paint rather than a matt finish.

Go for mirrors and metallic accessories – You might be aware of how mirrors reflect light effectively. The same goes with metallic accessories. Place accessories with metallic or glass surfaces and let the light pour into the dark corners of the room. With mirrors and objects with reflective finish make the best use of the available light.

Clean the windows – Dirty windows prevent maximum entry of the sunlight. Take some time to wash the windows, and you will be amazed by the amount of natural light it will allow. Get rid of heavy curtains and window treatments, if you want to enjoy the bright daylight from your home.

Remove dark furniture – Begin by removing dark furniture and replace them with glass table tops and acrylic chairs. When you remove dark furniture, it reduces the absorption of natural light and your room looks bright and spacious.

Choose the right flooring – Flooring with light-friendly reflectors can have a dramatic effect on how the room appears. Wooden floors, glossy tiles, ceramic or stone floors with a polished finish can help achieve the desired result. You can even choose light shaded rugs or carpets.

Light colored cabinets and shelves – Shelves and cabinets are important elements in a house. If you switch them to lighter shades, you can make your kitchen, study area, living room and other spaces look bright. Lighter shades tend to reflect light rather than absorbing it.

Make small changes – If you don’t want to spend a lot of money then try to make small changes like replacing white/light curtains, light-colored cushions, use warm lighting, choose soft bed linens and so on. For expert tips and advice on decorating your home, get in touch with us today  9895 151 440.

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