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Build your two bedroom dream house in just 10 lakhs – Here is how we do it.

Welcome to the world of KMG DevelopersˇKWhere living spaces are the stuff dreams are made of!

Build your two bedroom dream house in just 10 lakhs – Here is how we do it.

This article is perfect for people who are looking to build an independent home cheaply?

The market suggests that the cost to buy a house that’s already built is cheaper than building one. However, our experience can help you build your dream home for as less as 10 Lakhs. Sounds hard to believe? Here is a brief about us and how we make it possible.

Our recent project at Kuthuparamba, Kannur is a perfect example of an affordable home. Without compromising on quality, space and personal design preferences we achieve this.

How we do it!

We are in the construction industry for over 49 years and we have the resources, team, and experience to create budget-friendly homes. Our projects in Kannur and Malabar region exemplify our commitment and talents in the industry. Known for our unfailing reliability, extensive planning and adoption of quality materials, we assure nothing less than perfection at each stage of construction from execution to delivery.

Each project is close to our heart and it involves thoughtful planning, careful execution and regular discussions with the client. This assures that the house we build becomes a home that offers comfort, and convenience for you and your family. Furthermore, thanks to our innovative ways, well-organized, efficient workflow, fast operation and a dedicated team, we build homes of superior quality at affordable rates.

Given below are a few tips on how we do it.

Simple design
Designing a house is one of the important steps in economical construction. We start by simplifying the design of your building. Rectangle home designs are always easy to build and cost less than complex designs.  Based on the square footage available for construction, we create a design that best suits your requirement and availability of space. We strongly recommend two storey building than one story house of equal square footage as it reduces the building costs significantly. Laying the foundation of the building can be very expensive and the costs can be managed by constructing a two storey or three storey house, instead. Our professional home designing team incorporates your thoughts and needs before the final design is done. Your involvement and ideas are welcomed at every stage of design, planning, and execution.

Reliable team 
We have a dedicated and experienced team of designers, interior decorators, engineers and contractors who work tirelessly around the clock to complete the project on time. This makes us trustworthy and way better than inexperienced or unlicensed homebuilders in your area. With us, you don’t have to worry about expensive delays, wastage of resources and materials. This means, we save a lot of money on overall building costs.

As they say – An experienced builder knows how to avoid problems and can save you money.

Quality building materials
Saving on building materials doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on quality. We know the people and companies, who can provide high-quality building materials at much lower costs. Our years of connection and reputation make this possible. We make sure that you are given the worth of your money. We don’t charge you for that by taking underserving gains.

Every single item needed to build your home comes cheap but of good quality. Our planning and quotations are prepared with meticulous thinking.

Timely  completion of work 
As you know time equals money and therefore we prevent delays and make sure to complete each phase on time. We anticipate delays earlier to take the right measures to avoid them, and that is how we meet deadlines. We follow workflows and manage the day to day tasks efficiently. Working together as a team has its advantages and we use it to our benefit.

Welcome to KMG developers, we build budget-friendly dream homes. For house plans, quote or other details, give us a call 9895 151 440. 

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