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Clever Interior Design Ideas To Transform Your Home

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Clever Interior Design Ideas To Transform Your Home

 To each person, their home is their palace; and everyone wants their home to look good and stand out from the rest. To achieve a unique look for your home, here are some ingenious, but simple tricks from one of the most reputed property developers in Kannur:

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  1. Walls: Everyone paints walls; today, textured paints are also pretty common. So to be different, try wood paneling. You could also go Bohemian and paint one wall in bold colours and designs, leaving the other walls plain. If the room is small, remember to use light pastels to make it appear larger. Hang mirrors on the walls facing across from windows – they create the illusion of a larger space, and of more windows. Hang indigenous art on your walls – Warli, Madhubani, Thanjavur, Kalamkari are all ancient Indian painting styles, not seen very commonly in homes. You can purchase them from reliable Government handicraft stores.
  2. Furniture: There are dozens of options in furniture; do something quirky: Experienced interior decorators in Kannur advise choosing transparent chairs for the dining table. They look different, and are great for smaller spaces, creating an impression of spaciousness. You can also replace identical dining chairs with different chairs – people will be sure to notice! Just make sure that they are of a similar design or colour. You can transform a boring plain table with a little paint, craft materials and creativity. You can place it in the corridor, or near the main entrance, with a bowl on top to keep keys and loose change.
  3. Cozy nooks: Make your own cozy nooks for relaxing or reading with room dividers. You can place a storage cabinet with open shelves, or partition screens of wood or metal. Your very own library or coffee and chill time with friends is ready! This way you won’t be much disturbed by others in the house when you want some space.
  4. Window seats: What can be better than settling near a window with a cup of coffee in hand, gazing out upon the scenery outside? Bliss! Keep a storage bench, divan or sofa close to the window (fully backed up against the wall), so you can enjoy some tranquil moments.
  5. Use heirlooms for décor: Nothing will make the décor of your home unique like the heirlooms that have been in your family for generations: Think brass and copper, polished and buffed:  trays which can be wall mounted; ‘urulis’ which can be set in wood and topped with glass to make coffee tables, old vessels which can be placed on staircase landings or in the living room, filled with glass pebbles or pot-pourri. You can also display old porcelain cups or plates which you don’t really use now, either in a show case, or mounted on the wall. If you have a grandfather clock or old gramophone lying in the attic, dust it, polish it, and place it in your living room or corridor to create a vintage look.
  6. Plant it: I can’t stress enough, the importance of having potted plants in your house. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are several easy maintenance plants you can keep in your house, like aloe vera, cactus, money plant and snake plants are great for the indoors. Apart from giving your home an inviting look, these plants produce oxygen indoors – forget expensive air purifiers!

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