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Clever Ways To Design Your Home Interiors

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Clever Ways To Design Your Home Interiors

Doing the interiors of your home is always an exciting prospect, whether it’s a brand new house, or you’ve just renovated, or just changing the look. Today thousands of options are available when it comes to window treatments, flooring, wall treatments, décor items and so on. It can get really confusing! What to chose, what to avoid – how to decide? Relax; here are some great tips from the top interior designers in Kannur:

  • Start with a colour scheme: That’s really important; this gives a feeling of continuity. However, it doesn’t have to be in the same way in each room. Say your colour theme is cream and orange; in one room, you can have cream coloured walls and orange window trims, accessories and dĂ©cor items. In another room, you can have orange walls and cream coloured flooring, curtains and so on. You get the idea!
  • Give your walls some individuality: Today you can choose from a range of textured paints, wallpapers and more; you can create a different look for each room by trying out different textured paints in the same colour palette – vivid brush strokes for a combed effect in one room, ruffle effect in another, big print wallpaper for large rooms and so on.
  • Furniture Ideas: If you have low ceilings, choose low furniture; if you have small rooms, avoid chunky chairs and tables, and use mirrors; both these tricks will help you create an illusion of space. Arrange the furniture so that there is always a clear path, and doorways, cupboards and so on are not blocked; it also helps create a smooth flow. Again in smaller homes, have multi-use or foldable furniture: dinner tables that can be folded back into the wall or into a smaller version of itself; poofies with inner storage; shoe racks that double as tables – there are many things you can do. Invest in a good sofa set, because that’s where your guests are going to be first – and you’ll be judged on that for sure! Arrange lots of cushions and pillows on the sofa to create a luxurious, relaxed ambience.
  • Refurbish old stuff: Nothing like this for a unique look! If you have any antique stuff in your house that’s just catching dust in the attic, think again. Several old pieces of furniture can be polished and remade into beautiful tables, or used as base for photographs or paintings¸ or simply as dĂ©cor items. You’ll just need a few screws, hinges, and glass to transform them.
  • Velvet is in: But according to property developers in Kannur, this trend may not last, so rather than change to velvet curtains or sofas, use a splash of velvet – say cushion covers, a couple of throws or rugs, and so on. It lends an royal ambience for sure.
  • Ceiling: Paint your ceilings either white, or a lighter shade of the walls; this gives the impression of higher ceilings, and definitely makes the room look brighter. Invest in good quality fancy LED fixtures to add some zing.

If you’re still stuck for ideas or need help decorating your home, call in the experts. KMG Developers is one of the most reputed builders and interior decorators in Kannur, with nearly half a century of creating beautiful living spaces. Let us help you transform your home – call us today!


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