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Home Improvement Ideas on a Budget

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Home Improvement Ideas on a Budget

Home improvements, small or major, can considerably enhance the look and feel of your indoor space at the same time increase the value of your home. Whether you want to go for a high budget remodel or just a few home improvements, there are plenty of options to start with. Following are a few small home improvement ideas that go a long way.

Give your entry and front door a facelift!!

Entry and front door of your home is an important element and any change to it will affect the entire appearance of the house exterior. You can install a new door or repaint your old one to give a completely new look. New outdoor lighting, painting the trims and adding plants to the front area are brilliant ways to give a makeover. Also, these are very economical and small DIY projects.

Change the appearance of the wall

Painting is perhaps the easiest home-improvement upgrade anyone can do. Whether you are looking for a quick refresh or a total overhaul, wall paints or wall paper can do the trick. Add depth and colour to your walls with bright paints, wall papers or wall hangings. Investing in good wall art or paintings is a good idea if you don’t want to go through the trouble of painting.

Upgrade your Kitchen Storage

Having additional storage for your kitchen could mean the use of unwanted space and more work space. Besides, having extra storage is always a selling point. If you don’t have space for extra cabinets or shelves, you can paint your existing kitchen shelves or add decorative brackets and knobs.

There are interior decorators who can help you get new cabinets at incredibly cheap rates and give you expert interior tips. For your next home remodelling work do consider their assistance.

Use Rugs and new Furniture

A custom rug, classy arm chair, centrepieces or a big mirror can offer the bold look you have been longing for. It is surprising how small elements like these can create distinct visual appeal.

Replace bathroom accessories

Make your bathroom look new and clean with simple and affordable bathroom accessories.  New towel bars, light fixtures, stylish cabinets can all add to the beauty and functionality of the bathroom. If the bathroom sink and faucet need to be replaced go ahead and do it. Get some matching towels, a rug and shower curtains, and you are done.

Go for modular shelves!!

If modular units are absent from your living room then you must consider buying them. They are cheap, easy to set-up and save a lot of space. So, enhance your wall space, boring corner, or unused space under the stairs with clever modular shelves. You can choose modular units of different styles and sizes, and use them to organize books and display pieces.

Small changes count

Go creative and paint the walls of unused spaces and corners. Wall murals, and wall paintings will add a personality to these areas. You can even transform it into a reading corner or book shelf. For a quick and inexpensive kitchen upgrade change out the faucets. Even small changes like new lightings, polished floors can create wonders for your home.  

Keep your home improvement project from emptying your wallet by hiring the right interior decorators. Talk to us 91 9895 151 440.

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