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House building tips for Kerala home

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House building tips for Kerala home

Considering the weather, social life, culture and good standards of living, Kerala is a great place to own a home. Most of us prefer to construct our dream home with customized plans and functionalities rather than purchase a ready-made home, or flats.  The comfort of having a home with landscape around it is something beautiful, and you will surely agree with me. However constructing a home involves your time, effort and undergo series of steps. With an expert at hand, you will be guided properly and you can be part of the whole process without wasting much of your personal time. At KMG developers we not only take your suggestions and ideas, but also value your time and convenience.

To help you understand the process we have listed 6 house building tips below.

Decide on your budget

Consulting your dream home is expensive, but if you are able to plan everything properly and take the right decision, you can stick to your budget.  Once you set aside the budget you can decide on the type of house you are going to build. It could be a modern house with custom architectural design with more rooms, or a simple home with a basic roof design. You should also set aside budget for fittings, plumbing, flooring and interior décor, which are expenses some people tend to ignore.

Hire the right architect

Building a house is a time consuming affair, with construction extending from 8 to 18 months. Clearly the most important step is to hire the right architect in Kannur who will assist you in a range of activities like preparing the building design, the final sketches, and obtaining sanctions and permits.

Decide the design and shape of the House

It is important to decide the design and shape of the house, as it gives you an overall idea about your budget.  Increasingly people are choosing contemporary designs over traditional ones. Your design preferences should be communicated with your architect beforehand.

Similarly the shape of the house also matters when it comes to estimating the building cost. For instance, square or rectangular shaped houses are cheap and easier to build. For houses with corners, and fancy designs will be expensive as it will be more labour intensive and will require a lot of materials.

Select a Good Contractor

A good contractor will help you with detailed quote for each single part of the building, define the time schedule, cost and time constraints. Once the building quotation is finalized, then the contractor begins the construction work. During the construction process, they will give the list of materials required at different stages.


The Foundations

Deciding on the foundation of your home is very crucial. A strong foundation will make the construction process easier and will make the house standing during floods or other disasters. Experts recommend solid concrete foundations for certain areas where the safe bearing capacity of the soil is poor.

Plan Everything

Before you start, during the construction and towards the final stages, you should plan everything. A well laid out plan will help you foresee things and take the right measures. If you don’t have a proper plan, it will cost you more money.

From planning your dream home to realizing it, we assure to be at your side at all times. For more details, call us 9895 151 440  

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