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How To Pick A Color Palette For Your Whole House

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How To Pick A Color Palette For Your Whole House


After years of building and decorating homes, and understanding the specific paint needs of homeowners we have mastered the art of choosing the right colour palette for a home.

When it comes to selecting the paint, it is necessary to create a cohesive look.  Therefore identifying the right shades for each room, and the specific style before going to the paint store is critical.  The last thing you want is to get confused by the wide range of paint collection at the store. Stick by the plan and the style guide you have created for the home and you will achieve the desired outcome.

Let’s get you prepared for the paint project with the following steps:  

Plan ahead!
The best way to create a cohesive look that flows from room to room is to decide on the paint colours for each room and wall sections ahead. Be sure of what the colours you choose and the decisions you make. Consider all the interior factors and your lifestyle during the process, as every room can benefit from the whole house colour scheme. 

Don’t forget every room is an extension of your home. Therefore, create a connection with color and put together a paint guide with your consistent color palette.

Consider Your Decor.

Elements such as furniture, floors, upholsteries and cabinets are part of your home. Keep in mind to contemplate the overall style and colours of the interior so that the wall paints you choose blends in. If your home adopts a vintage style go for old-fashioned paint colours and retro theme. You will be surprised by the results.

Once you understand the undertones in your décor and other elements you can either match the undertones or contrast against the undertones. For instance, if the different components of your home are of warm shades like red, orange or yellow you can go for warm colour pallet or choose cool colours like blue, green which compliments the warm shades.  The choice is completely yours.

Choose a Color Scheme

When you walk in the room the first thing you will notice is its atmosphere and energy of the room. A room should be welcoming and should reflect your sense of style and personality. While choosing a colour scheme, list out the things that inspire you. Inspirations could be from nature, interiors, fashion, movies or anything you have come across. Once you are able to figure out the shades you want to use, filter out the colour scheme you like the best. Don’t worry if you are unaware of the colour theory behind your inspiration, interior decorator you are associating with can help you with that. Communicate your colour preferences with your decorator and you can get their input to make a wise decision. To give you a better insight into the colour scheme, here is some information on three colour schemes.

Monochromatic: For those who are going for one particular shade and wants to create variations with that colour, use one hue for your entire colour palette in different shades, tints, and tones. 

Analogous:  For those who want to play with a pop of colour, this is a perfect colour scheme to go by. You can use colours adjacent, or next to each other on the colour wheel. 

Complementary: Using this colour scheme could be tricky and you should make careful colour choices. In this colour scheme, you use colours that are directly opposite each other on the colour wheel.  It all about contrast so make sure you don’t spoil the whole look.

While choosing the colour palette use no more than 5 distinct colours throughout your home. Hope these tips will help you select the right colour palette for your whole house. If this whole process is overwhelming don’t worry, the experts at KMG developers will help you with your interior needs.

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