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How we build Homes, Villas and Commercial spaces at Low Cost in Kannur

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How we build Homes, Villas and Commercial spaces at Low Cost in Kannur

Kannur is developing at a fast pace and has lured several real estate investors in the past few years. The real estate investment is increasing as the city turns into a major hub of industry and business. Thanks to the opening of the new airport which will further help the development of the state. It goes without saying, that owning a property in Kannur is a good investment prospect and the earlier you harness this opportunity the better. If high construction cost is the one thing that is stopping you from this, we have a great solution for you.

As one of the leading construction companies in Kannur, we value your money as much as you do. When you work with KMG developers, we ensure that your money is used wisely and you get more bang for your buck.  So, how do we attain this?

         Excellent tie-ups: Our 5 decades of service in the construction industry, helps us provide with unparalleled service and knowledge of the industry. Over the years we have established relations with laborers, sub-contractors, suppliers, wholesale vendors offering high-quality materials at great rates.

         Quality materials at reasonable costs: As mentioned above our connections make it possible for us to purchase good quality materials at relatively low cost. High-quality building materials ensure safety and they significantly lower the maintenance cost.

         Experienced Team: We take care of our employees so that they take the best care of all our clients. Yes, our in-house team consisting of engineers, architects and designers work tirelessly until your dream becomes a reality. We hold meetings and discussions with you, so everything is done according to your needs.

         Make plans and preparations: Everything we do our communicated with our clients. We plan even the smallest details in advance so everything progresses smoothly. When there is a set of strong processes there is no room for delays, errors or miscommunications.

         Right choices: We make the right choices for your floors, walls without compromising on its aesthetic appeal. When it comes to picking the right wall paint or flooring material we give special attention to aspects like durability, quality, price and of course style. For instance, we go for rectangular rooms which are cheaper to construct and apply weather-coat paints for outer walls as it lowers the maintenance cost and provides big savings in the future.

         Timely completion: We manage our time, resources and effort in the best way possible, so you won’t be paying for unnecessary delays and modifications. Every phase is completed on time, and we make sure to finish our work well within schedule. We have backup plans too and we work together in every situation.

         Understand your budget constraints: We recommend alternative solutions if budget prevents from having the functionality or style you want. Once we understand your budget for the project we walk you through all the practicalities and you can choose what is best for you.

         Attention to details: When it comes to home construction even the smallest detail counts. By taking care of everything, you don’t have to worry about the last minute touch-ups, repairs or modifications. This means you get to stick to your already planned budget.


Whether you are looking to construct homes, villas or commercial buildings we can do it for relatively low construction cost. We have also done a lot of remodeling projects and home renovations lately, as it can give your home the facelift you want without spending a lot of money.

It is time to make your dreams a reality, get in touch with us at 91 9895 151 440 or send us an email info@Kmgdevelopers.com. We are more than happy to listen to your project and be part of it.



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