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Make Sure to Include These in your House Plan

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Make Sure to Include These in your House Plan

Once you decide to build your own house and decide on your builder in Kannur, the first and most important step to take is make a detailed plan. You need to ensure that you make the most of the available space you have both inside the house and outside – so that you have living spaces that are visually pleasing, functional and comfortable. You of course need to consider the plot of land on which the house will be built – its size, shape, surroundings, vegetation, and other factors that will affect a building on it. For example, if it’s in a low-lying area, it could get inundated in the monsoon, and you’ll have to plan accordingly.

The plan should be drawn up in such a way as to ensure comfort and privacy for you and your family – spacious, independent, adequately ventilated, secure, meaningful – obviously you want your home to be all this, and of course you want it to look good too. You also need to decide on the building style – do you want your house to have a traditional look, or would you prefer a contemporary appearance? To achieve all these goals, you need to ensure that your property developer in Kannur includes these plans and details in the house plan:

  • Site plan: This shows where exactly the house will be built on the plot; the boundaries on all sides, adjacent roads, exterior areas like lawn or garden, rainwater harvesting system, well, drainage, porch, car parking, and so on.
  • Foundation: This generally refers to the type and dimensions of the foundation – the extent of the structure slabs, footing layout, beams and so on.
  • Floor plan: These are drawings that show the layout of the rooms, including windows, doors, walls and floor area in each room, as well as the kitchen, bathrooms,  passages, and closets – basically all the interior spaces; they provide an overall view of how the house will be when built.
  • Elevation: These are generally 2D renderings of the exteriors of your house. It shows the exterior design of the front, back and sides, and indicate the materials that are needed for the roof, walls and so on; the paint colors; the designer may indicate certain areas for cladding also. A superior builder and property developer in Kannur like KMG Developers can also provide you with a 3D rendering of the interior and elevation.
  • Electrical and Plumbing Plans: These indicate the location of faucets, pipes, light fixtures, fans, switches and electrical outlets, the lighting design and layout, and the plumbing plan in detail.
  • Roofing: This part of the house plan describes the roof elements, showing the rainwater valleys, ridges, dimensions, slopes, and describes the materials and decorative elements if any.
  • Notes: Any other details not included in the above mentioned plans but are necessary for the proper construction of your house should be included separately.
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