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Questions to ask before hiring an interior designer

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Questions to ask before hiring an interior designer

Interior design is very personal and you want your space to reflect your individual style. Your interior designer should understand this and both your personalities should work together to create an elegant living space. Before you hire the right designer you find yourself asking questions like, Is the interior design firm the right fit? Will he understand your personal taste? Do they have enough experience? Would your visions align? To find the perfect match you have to ask important questions like this. After all, you will be working with them throughout the interior designing phase and the success of the project is determined by your partnership.

To help you make the right hiring decision we have put together a few common questions to ask yourself and the interior designing firm.

What’s Your Budget?

Setting a budget aside for your interior design project is perhaps the most important thing you should do even before you consider to hire an interior designer. Have a clear budget plan with you and have it communicated with your interior designer. There are interior designers who won’t work on a small budget, hence this part is very important. 

What’s Your Style? 

Once you hire an interior designer you will be overwhelmed by the ideas and suggestions they provide. Therefore it is highly important that you define your style, requirements, and specifications beforehand. If you have specific design styles, look for interior designers that cater to that style and who have the same vision for your home.

Are You Ready to Buy Everything Now?

Due to budget restraints or other personal reasons you might postpone the purchase of certain items after the interior decoration. You should write down all the things that you won’t be able to buy now and have it communicated to the designer. This helps the interior designer to make the right purchasing decisions.

What’s Your Timeline?

Even before you start the whole decorating process you will have to make a timeline as to when the work should be completed. You might have a party plan ahead and you might have a strict timeline to meet. Only you will understand your urgency and hence have a timeline prepared when you meet with the interior designer. This timeline should stay realistic with the project. 

Now that you have asked crucial questions to yourself, it is time to ask some question to the interior designer/interior designing firm.

Do the firm welcome client involvement? 

This is one of the questions you should definitely ask the firm as you don’t want to hand over your project to someone who will transform your home to his likes. Interior designers at KMG make sure to consult with the client at every step of the process. By understanding your needs and incorporating our creative solutions we provide suggestions that work best for you.  By involving the client we can make the right decisions and prevent costly delays. Make sure to ask how much involvement your interior designer expect from the start.

Where do they find inspiration? 

There is no harm in asking the interior designer as to where he draws inspiration from and the elements that define his style. You can get an idea about his sense of style this way. Ask him about his favorite projects, design signatures, favorite colors to use in projects and how they work with their clients. By the end of this discussion, you will be able to get a peek into his creative process.

What is your project-management style like? 

In addition to knowing the style, it is important to be aware of his communication and project management process. Your interior designer should have strong communication so that you will know what’s going on at every development stage. Ask and confirm a flexible communication process with your designer: personal visits, video calls, email and phone calls.

Their project management style should not interrupt your life and take a lot of your time and effort. They should be able to present to you different options so that there won’t be any style clashes. Every interior designer has different project management styles and therefore it is necessary to ask questions about it.

What’s the fee?

Some interior designing firms charge a lot of money and you should be able to say no to the fees that you can’t afford. There is no point is working with a firm that doesn’t fit your budget. There may be interior designers with the same experience and creative strengthens to take your project for a lesser amount without compromising on the quality. Make sure there are no hidden costs and cross-check the services that you are offered. 

What are the services included in the price?

You should know if you are being charged for the full service. Full-service designers normally offer any or all of the following services like 3D design, floor plans, meeting with contractors and hiring them, shopping trips with clients, handling of purchases and delivery, making final modifications/adjustments and so on.

To get all these services, hire a local interior designer in Kannur. The fee may vary depending upon your needs.

Does the Designer offer post-service support?

Sometimes even after the work is completed you might need assistance from your interior designer to get minor fixes, installation or even expert opinions. Some interior designers welcome such assistance even after the work is completed.

These above questions are sure to help you make a wise decision. At KMG, we undertake interior design projects and would like to talk to you about your project. Get in touch with us at +91 9895 151 440. 

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