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Ten common mistakes to avoid while building a new house

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Ten common mistakes to avoid while building a new house

It is very exciting to build your own home. Most of us dream about it for years and plan every nook and corner of the home. However, when we actually start the building process we come across a lot of unplanned things and make mistakes along the way, some of them small while others could be very expensive ones.  Don’t let those mistakes take away the happiness of building and owning your dream home. With over 48 years of building experience, we know the stumbling blocks to avoid while constructing a home.  That said, building a new home comes with challenges, too. Preparation, careful planning, and hiring a good construction company can help you save a lot of time and money.  

Read further to learn the top ten mistakes.

#1 Not selecting your building site properly:

Selecting the first building site you come by or settling for the last lot available in your preferred area is not always the best way to go. Choosing the location is very important as it not only makes your life easy but it could also increase the resale value of the property.

Location and accessibility to hospitals, schools, and public transportation are factors to be considered.  Also, check the land quality and the soil condition. No one wants to build a home on a sloppy site.

#2 Compromising on Plans and Documentation

Building a new home is a process that involves documentation, approvals, and plans. A good building contractor will take you through the different processes and stages. It is your responsibility to obtain all the plans and contracts. Keep all the written communications safe and organized as they are important throughout the construction phase and after that.  

Also, written documents will help you keep track of the project and anticipate any delays. This ensures a smooth and effective process for all parties involved.

#3 Improper planning of the space

Keep in mind the additional space and rooms you will need in the coming years. Proper planning alone can foresee the need for extra space in your house, like the additional guest room, study area, balconies etc. Also, in future, if you would like to extend the house you should consider that as well. If you are looking to rent a part of your house, you should get suggestions from the builder at the beginning itself.

With good planning, you can make use of the space well and may even manage to get some personal gym area, kids playroom or TV room.   

#4 Not considering the natural light flow

Imagine relying on indoor lights on a summer day. Invest some time to plan your structure for windows and improving the natural light flow into your rooms.  With natural light, you can save electricity bills and also enjoy a positive atmosphere. If you don’t want the heat to enter your home you can go for windows that limit the heat and let in light. The construction of the building also determines how effectively you can use the natural light in your home. It is best to talk to your contractor about the different options.

#5 Disregard for kitchen and other rooms  

The kitchen: As you know the kitchen is the vital part of your home, and without proper structure and plan, you may end up ruining the space. You spend hours in kitchen cooking meals and spending time with the whole family and it should not cause inconvenience in any way. Your kitchen should be conveniently located and you should plan the area for cabinets and shelves wisely.

Bedroom: Placement of the bedrooms is very important.  If the placement goes wrong you may have to relax hearing the sound of traffic or children screaming from the nearby playground.  Also, improper placement of wardrobes and washroom can make the space congested and the bedroom the least favorite place in your home. Follow expert advice from the builders and make every bedroom of your home a place you want to enter after a tiresome day.

Bathroom: Give some proper thought towards the bathroom design. Privacy and space are very crucial factors when it comes to bathroom construction. If you want a separate showering area, toilets and sinks have them planned. 

#6 Too Much Space

As mentioned earlier, it is good to allocate additional space, however, too many rooms is never a good idea. Think about the extra rooms that go waste after some time. Make a plan for all additional rooms you need.  

#7 Not considering additional expenses

It is very difficult to stick to a budget when it comes to constructing a home. Even if you budget all the costs and upcoming expenses, a few of them can go unnoticed. Always, make room for additional expenses for last minute modifications and extra building materials. Follow quality over cost method so that everything serves the purpose and lasts longer.

Especially when it comes to flooring, electrical and paintings focus on the quality.

#8. Careless Inspection

After each building phase, it is necessary that you do a thorough investigation.  A review can help detect critical mistakes and anticipate additional construction costs. Early detection of mistakes can save a lot of money too.  Even the tiny problems ignored can lead to severe damage to the house in the future.

#9. Not expecting delays

So many unexpected things such as the weather, absence or unavailability of workers and shortage of funds can cause project delays.  Be prepared for delays, and have a buffered timeline.  

#10 Not hiring Professionals

Hiring the right professional determines the success of any project. With a reputable and trustworthy builder, you will know your project is in good hands and can have complete peace of mind.  

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