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Things to consider while designing your dream home

Welcome to the world of KMG DevelopersˇKWhere living spaces are the stuff dreams are made of!

Things to consider while designing your dream home

Owning a home is an ambition most of us have; designing it, a dream. We all have a vision of what

we want our home to look like; however, designing a home is not very easy as there are numerous

aspects that have to be considered, like the cost, structural stability, ventilation, space, comfort,

convenience and more.

Things to consider while designing your dream home

Architectural designers in Kannur offer the following tips to get you started:

ď‚· Start simple: Make simple drawings on paper to let the actual designer or architect know

what you want your house to look like, and list out what you want individual rooms to have.

You can also specify what layout you want.

Things to consider while designing your dream home

ď‚· Consider the plot: Consider the size and topography of the lot; do you have a spectacular

view on one side? Perhaps you could have your living room or bedroom facing that vista. Is

there a small stream or pond running through your property? Do you have space for a

manicured lawn? Decide what view you want from a particular room, and accordingly inform

the design team.

ď‚· Plan ahead: Your home needs to serve your purpose not just for the coming 5 years, but 10

or 20 or even beyond. So plan for the times when you will be old, or your children will grow

up – or if you don’t have kids right now, consider space for nursery and a kids room and so

on. Do you plan to work from home, or operate your online business from home? Earmark

space for your office in the plan.

 Vastu/ Feng Shui: If you believe in vastu or feng shui, you may want to consider the layout,

especially the location of kitchen and master bedroom and so on, from that perspective too.

Consult an expert before finalizing the design.

 Assign priorities: According to interior designers in Kannur, there are heaps of features one

can incorporate in a home. However, including each and every one can easily push the cost

way over your initial budget. It’s imperative that you assign priority to features, and only

include those that are the most important to you so that you stay within your budget. Home

automation or fancy linen? Solar panels or incinerator? These are examples of choices you

may have to make. Make sure you never overshoot your budget.

 Think about convenient flow: To decide on the location and layout of individual rooms,

Kannur architects opine that you need to think how your family is likely to move about and

function in each space. Do you spend more time together in the living room, dining room or

in the bedroom? Do you get easily disturbed while sleeping? You might want to ensure that

bedrooms are placed a bit away from living/dining room. If you tend to gather around

together a lot in the dining room, make sure there’s an easy flow between the kitchen and

dining room – you get the idea.

 Ventilation and lighting: Your rooms need to be airy and have plenty of light too. Make sure

the rooms are located in such a way and have big windows that let in plenty of natural light

and breeze; this will keep your family happy, energetic and sociable, AND you can cut down

on your electricity bills. You can even add a couple of skylights – they help on cloudy days.

You can also decide room locations so that they catch the morning sunlight, and so on. In the

next stage you can consider the placement of lights, and fans; you can also decide the type

of lighting you want – bright, dim, and so on. Obviously the kitchen has to be brightly lit, but

you may not want so much brightness in the bedroom; you can have lights with dimmers in

the living room to create appropriate lighting for different occasions.

 Consider the environment: Architects in Kannur are all for going green when it comes to

home design today. With the environment in a bad shape today, we need to do everything

possible to make sure we don’t add too much to it. Make sure to incorporate rainwater

harvesting plan in your home design; try to reduce the amount of water that will be

consumed onsite; see if you can use recycled water for the construction, and so on. As

mentioned before, design to ensure minimal use of artificial lights to save on electricity; use

LED lamps throughout to minimize consumption. Consider a huge compost bin for recycling

kitchen waste.

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