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Why is interior design important for your Home ?

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Why is interior design important for your Home ?

When we talk about interior design, we usually think about the aesthetic appearance of the building

or house. While interior design chiefly deals with the ‘looks’ of a living space, it also plays a huge role

in enhancing its functionality. With poor interior design, a sprawling house can appear cluttered and

tiny, while great interior design can transform a tiny living space into a spacious one.

So interior design is extremely important for any house owner; it is also important for commercial

spaces. You need to design the interiors so that employees are comfortable and have space to move

about, yet you fit all your necessary furniture and equipment – interior design has as much to do

with practicality as it has with beauty.




That is why, hiring interior designers in Kannur is more than just a good idea – regardless of whether

you’re building or buying a new house, or renovating or remodeling your existing one.

A good interior design will first have a detailed talk with you and understand not just your budget

constraints but your lifestyle, routine, and your needs. Based on this, the designer may make certain

changes even to the architectural plan. For example, if you need a home office, you may have to

settle for a smaller living room or bedroom; which is something that you may not have thought

about earlier. Some people may not want the toilet inside the bathroom – all such matters come

under the purview of the interior designer. They have the necessary expertise to recommend ad

implement architectural changes so that the layout suits your requirements better.

Interior designers are also adept at recommending the right color combinations for your interiors –

from walls to upholstery. They will consider the amount of light entering the room, and also what

kind of ambience you want in each room, and based on that, they will help you pick the right colors

for paints, curtains, mats, rugs, linen, sofa covers, upholstery, and so on.

The best interior designers in Kannur have an eye for aesthetics, and can help you create a theme

for each room, and help you source the showpieces, wall hangings, paintings, and even plants that

will match the theme. Some popular themes are – Egyptian (mummy, pharaoh and cat paintings and

artefacts), Chinese (feng shui), Bohemian (usually living room or den), traditional Indian (again –

divided region wise; carved wooden furniture, Ravi Varma paintings etc.), modern (with lots of glass

and steel, modern art, sleek furniture) and so on.

The individuality or personality of the home owner/s is reflected in the interior design of any living

space; so a lot of careful thought needs to go into it.

Looking for the top interior designers in Kannur? At KMG, we have a team of experienced and

proficient designers who can help you magically transform your home. Call us on +91 9895 151 440 now!

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